28th IFNGO World Conference

28th IFNGO World Conference 18th CADAPT Joint Conference

CADAPT hosted 28th IFNGO WORLD CONFERENCE jointly 18th CADAPT ACADEMIC CONFERENCE, BEIJING, China on 23th – 24th May 2019 at the Beijing Empark Grand Hotel. Chinese Association of STD and AIDS Prevention and Control, China Association of Social Workers, China National Narcotics Drugs Association, Beijing Anding Hospital and Capital Medical University  as Co-Organizers of this conference. The theme of this conference “Drug Abuse Intervention: From Policy to Practice”. 

Li Yili, deputy director of the National Drug Administration of the Ministry of Justice, attended the opening ceremony. Director Hu Xiang, Director of the Medical and Health Administration of the National Health and Health Council, President Hao Wei of the for Drug Abuse Prevention, and Mr. Augusto Nogueira, President of International Federation of Drug Abuse and Substance Abuses (IFNGO) and the Secretary of the Capital Medical University, Andinghong Red, and other guests attended the opening ceremony. 

More than 500 people from the field of drug abuse prevention and control, anti-drug social workers, judicial police officers, anti-drug volunteers and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan scholars from all over the world participated in this event. Meeting. Many topics were discussed in a respectable and understanding way of the spirit of the IFNGO.


Themes like Global Policy where speakers discuss the necessity or not of the drug compulsory centres and the legalisation of the marijuana, The China Brain Project, alcohol, gaming disorder, drug treatment and TC models, the lack of support for women that use drugs, The Portuguese Model as a public health approach. The current situation in Asia on drugs, the current situation of the HIV in the region and many other important themes were discuss. 


11 international speakes on the treatment and rehabilitation strategies of the community for drug abuse, the neurobiological basis of drug addiction, and the substance abuse problem of special populations. Experts and scholars shared their innovations and experiences in their respective service areas, and built a communication bridge to strengthen regional cooperation, experience sharing and academic promotion of drug abuse prevention. 

Chinese Association of Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment (CADAPT) was founded on December 13, 1993. CADAPT is governed by National Health Commission of the PRC. CADAPT’s mission: Broadly unite the health workers in China and volunteers active in drug abuse prevention and treatment work, carry out the prevention and treatment work on drug and alcohol addiction, assist the competent authority of government in work, and make all efforts to enhance the health and well-being of Chinese people.

Since its foundation, CADAPT has hosted many academic conferences. CADAPT has hosted “National Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Conference” with institutions in Hong Kong and Macau, which is well known and highly recognized in the industry. In 2014, CADAPT successfully hosted “4th Alcohol and Drug Abuse Symposium & 3th Asia-Pacific Alcohol and Addiction Conference” together with Asia-Pacific Society for Alcohol and Addiction Research (APSAAR), which brought an international and diversified academic feast to Chinese workers in the field of alcohol and drug abuse prevention and treatment.

IFNGO was established in 1981 through the Kuala Lumpur Declaration. The Kuala Lumpur Declaration which listed as its first objective, “the attainment of a concerted, harmonious and fruitful relationship among all non-government organizations, regionally and internationally, pursuing activities needed to prevent and control drug abuse, and thus consolidate even more efforts to achieve a Drug-free society”.

In 1999, approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC, CADAPT officially joined IFNGO and became its member.  In the 20th anniversary of joining IFNGO, CADAPT will host the 28th IFNGO World Conference jointly with IFNGO, and host the 18th Annual Academic Conference of CADAPT at the same time. IFNGO members as well as WHO officers will be invited to this conference and exchange experience on world drug abuse prevention and treatment work with Chinese experts.

Scope of Paper

1.Epidemiological Study in Drug Abuse

3.Prevention and Education on Drug Abuse

5.Treatment and rehabilitation of drug abuse

2.International Cooperation

4.Studies on the situation, policies, laws and regulations of drug abuse

6.Fundamental research on drug abuse

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