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28th IFNGO World Conference: Call for Abstract: 31st January 2019  


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Scope of Paper

1.Epidemiological Study in Drug Abuse

(1)    Epidemiological investigation on the epidemic trend of drug abuse in countries and regions around the world.   

2.International Cooperation   

(1)    UNGASS Outcome- Implementation   

(2)    International Cooperation on Drug Control and Rehabilitation   

(3)    Chinese efforts on drug abuse prevention and treatment and its progress to catch up with the international society    

(4)    New challenges and proposed strategies on international drug control   

3.Prevention and Education on Drug Abuse

(1)    Adolescent drug abuse prevention

(2)    The construction and development of drug control education bases

(3)    Training program for law enforcement on public health

4.Studies on the situation, policies, laws and regulations of drug abuse

(1)    The current trend and development of drug abuse: new psychoactive substances, synthetic opioid drugs, darknet and drug-related crimes, etc.

(2)    Balancing investments between supply, demand and harm reduction

(3)    Practice and study of policies, laws and regulations related to drug control, suggestions to the enactment of drug-related laws.

(4)    Drug enforcement, drug examination and determination

(5)    Challenges and Strategies of compulsory rehabilitation.

5.Treatment and rehabilitation of drug abuse

(1)    The establishment of addiction medicine system

(2)    Study on new intervention techniques in addiction treatment

(3)    Building up seamless connections among drug control institutions, and integrating and utilizing their resources.

(4)    Community drug rehabilitation

(5)    Addiction comorbidity and its emergency treatment

(6)    Maintenance and administration of voluntary rehabilitation market

(7)    Study on medicine, treatments and inspection methods related to drug abuse

(8)    The construction and development of methadone maintenance outpatient clinics

(9)    Diagnosis and treatment on behavioral addiction

(10)  Study on harm reduction

6.Fundamental research on drug abuse

(1)    The research progress on drug addiction neurobiology

(2)    The neurobiology base related to relapse and warnings

(3)    The construction of database and big data operation for addictive behavior studies

Guidline for Submission

(1)    Abstracts must be submitted via the conference website only. Abstracts submitted  in accordance with the online submission format can be accepted by the academic committee only. Submission via fax or email is not acceptable.

(2)    The academic committee will review and select the excellent papers, and invite the author to present at workshops.

(3)    Please note that there are no limits on the number of abstracts submmission, however, each individual will be selected to present a maximum of one presentation.

(4)   Once your abstract is well received, a confirmation email will be sent to you. In this email, there will be a serial number for your abstract. Please remember this serial number and use it in every correspondence email. 

(5)     Abstracts should be original and not be published or presented in other conferences before. If, however, the abstract to be presented is on a topic you have used before, but now have developed a new poster or presentation with a varied viewpoint (or focused on a different aspect of the research) then you are welcome to submit the abstract. 

(6)    Abstracts cannot be edited/updated after final submission.

(7)   Please timely complete the conference registration once you are invited to give presentation. After the registration, an email will be sent to you for the confirmation of the presentation.

(8)    Please contact the Secretariat in case you do not received confirmation email.

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